Film & Screen Preparation Services

Accelerate your at-home crafting projects with our professional Film & Screen Preparation Services. With an established infrastructure and skilled technicians, we offer a range of pre-printing services to get your designs print-ready in no time. Explore our service offerings and enjoy a swift 3-day turnaround on screen preparation, propelling your crafting endeavors to new heights.

Service Offerings:

1. Film Printing:

Embark on a journey of precise film printing where your designs are immaculately transferred onto film, setting the stage for superior screen printing outcomes.

2. Screen Burning:

Experience meticulous screen burning services that etch your designs onto screens, creating flawless stencils ready for the printing process.

3. Screen Preparation:

Avail our expedited screen preparation service with a guaranteed 3-day turnaround. We provide the screen, mesh, and emulsion, along with a meticulously burned-in stencil, ensuring your screen is primed for printing the moment it arrives.

Additional Services:

  • Artwork Color Separations: Allow our adept technicians to skillfully separate colors in your artwork, prepping it for the screen printing journey.

  • Halftone Creation: Dive into the realm of halftone creation as we morph your images into a print-ready format, retaining the essential gradients and shades for a vibrant outcome.

  • Color Seps: Utilize our color separation expertise to get your designs ready for multi-color screen printing.

Take-Home Screens:

Ease your screen preparation woes with our take-home screen service. Receive a ready-to-use screen, complete with mesh, emulsion, and a meticulously burned-in stencil of your design, enabling you to leap straight into printing.